Writing on Stone

I have always been fascinated by the idea of death; admiration, fear, mystery and questions surround it raised up since I was a child. Death inspires me as an artist and opens up questions about who we really are and how we relate to endings.

In western culture, cemeteries are the spaces where we physical place dead bodies, we undertake social or individual rituals around dying and where we establish the boundaries between life and death.

In this series of self-taken photographs in a cemetery, I mix my presence within the cemetery’s one, creating performative images that foster my experience of the cemetery and my attitude towards life and death. Associated with each image there are fragments of writing that have death in its extended meaning as an inspiration.

“Moving with the levity of a bubble near to its own explosion,

with fragility and beauty at ones, the one who can only be transparent.

Holly water where the bird sings in the ruins of our own collapse,

while leaving traces of wild lilac to be remembered by.”

“I walk towards you with honesty and tenderness,

waiting for the decided moment to remember”

“write a poem on a stone that has thousands of colours and dance with it to remember me…”

“Silence… the steps of your way are close to my essence;

the guest who would visit me ones to wipe away the remains of my physical decline with endless mirror roses…”

“Time… the mimetic birth that once we left out of our mother’s womb,

the house and place where we all wish to come back…”

“With longing of you or longing of me, I move from place to place leaving discarded cocoons,

getting lighter and lighter till finally be, a black butterfly”

by Shakti Orion

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