Moon 28

“Moon 28” is a performative installation in a public space, where a surreal domestic situation takes place, habited by a pregnant performer, within the installation there is a TV playing a video montage, its content makes reference to how media emphasise the importance of searching for an artificial unreal model of beauty and gender dualism, it also makes reference to pregnancy, birth an women reproductive cycles.

Two other performers interact within the wide field and objects and with the domestic situation situated in the middle of the field. It also explores public versus private and how the female body relates to spaces associated with visual art practices, defining ways in which we can view the female constellation. It attempts to build an interactive relationship with the audience in order to explore their understanding of the socio-cultural factors surrounding us that influence gender. It also creates an unusual visual experience and use of the space, raising questions of what do we expect in outdoor public spaces. Moon 28, was my final project of the MA in Performance Making at Goldsmith University 2012.

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