Inclusive Dance Theatre for Children and Youth

I have been working on integrating dance for over ten years with children and youth with special education needs, facilitating opportunities for individuals and communities to participate in the arts, based on the believe that dance and theatre activities can change lives positively and help children and the youth to explore and learn about themselves and about others, as well as having positive effects on their learning and wider outcomes. I have run workshops for children as an associated activity to the performance-installation I created, like Zebra Cross or Miss Valentina in Ideas in Ideas.

I have also worked with companies such as Arts One Arts Base Dance Theatre and Sardines Dance, in both companies I led the young company projects, working towards performance staged in theatres in London, Birmingham and Hertfordshire. I have also worked with Theatre Tots and run independent projects in schools that have lead to performances and events.

I believe is important to create bridges and platforms for dance participation and performance for integrated dance groups, enabling equality and opportunities for all members of our society, promoting a more visible culturally diverse society.

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