I am Raw

I have a constant exploration of different media, and I keep expanding and continue questioning and reinventing my artistic practice.

In the ‘I am Raw’ exhibition, I have brought together the different artworks and explorations into 2D and 3Dimensional works that I have been working on for a period of nine months. Some of the pieces are abstract and some other has cryptic narratives describing psychological states that I have been going through.

The wide variety of artworks in the exhibition is important and relevant to make I am raw, eclectic and contrasting.

I presented the artworks in the exhibition in a whole abstract way and allowing random associations to appear between each of the different works, drawings, paintings, collage, photography and installations.

Associated with the exhibition I performed Black Onion a live art piece of physical and psychological endurance, exploring the tension and release of our emotions and constraints

The exhibition took place from the 7th of April to the 7th of May of 2017, at The Cadiz Gallery in Greenwich, London.

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