Ideas in Ideas

Ideas in Ideas is a site responsive-interactive exhibition, audio journey and performance.

To make this project I have drawn from my own personal experiences of learning and of facilitating learning as an artist-educator, the works were also influenced by the building’s activities and architecture. The exhibition was accompanied by an audio track to navigate through the building and discover the artworks on display.

There were associated activities to the exhibition; one-to-one performance consultations with Miss Valentina, my alter-ego, and workshops for adults and children also took place.

The work was displayed over the five floors of the Idea Store Library in Whitechapel, an audio track inspired by the building’s sounds and activities accompanied the exhibition.

In order to make the soundtrack for the exhibition I did a sound production course and dive into a new learning process, so to experience learning a new skill and to be able to create the soundscape.

The Exhibition took place during the whole month of December 2017 and was funded by the Arts Council England.

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