Blending Conversation

Is a performance work created and performed during my Choreographer residency at Seoul Dance Centre, Korea in 2016.

Is the result of a collaboration with Korean composer Jin Ko, we fusion rhythm, styles and overall a great deal of feeling and sensing each other that took form into a performance were we mixed contemporary dance, flamenco dance and percussion with piano and electronic bits.

The resulting work was a blend of cultures, identities and personal drives combined into a performance. The whole experience was an interesting process, the journey as much as the result. I felt at a times a dancer and a percussionist with the use of flamenco shoes and castanets. I’ve used formal flamenco elements like the Manila shawl and flamenco shoes used in a none formal way giving it a singular distinctive meaning.

Blending conversation was the result of a research process into previously unexplored areas for use of music and dance, trying to blur the boundaries between them and making it a unity, a whole blend a new conversation.

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