Black Onion

Black Onion presents a series of artworks that trace a specific understanding of the symbol Black Onion that I refer to as a state or condition of lost freedom and the consequent search for it while diving into the darkness of the self, It is a tangled metaphysical space, where both the root cause of oppression and the answer to liberation lies, it also acts as an exploration of personal identity, its ongoing fabrication and discovery.

The performance-installation was composed as a Live Art Installation with four spaces – the first room was filled with photographic art, the second with a video installation, the third room had an Onion installation, and the fourth one is the site where the Black Onion performance took place and embodiment of the whole installation. October 2014, at Fox Court, Gray’s Inn Road, London.

Black Onion performance on its own has been presented in Edinburg as part of Anatomy 6 and at the opening of I am Raw Exhibition 2017, London.


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