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Angelus Song

Since I saw Angelus I had the desire to do a portrait project of him, capture his essence and share it with the world. I first met him in the tube, after that we kept bumping into each other around Bow where he used to live, one day I ask him if I could follow him around for a couple of days and take some pictures without interrupting or stopping his actions to what he finally agreed. I spent two days with Angelus, following him to where ever he went, I never knew where I was going just walked with him along the streets of London. His portraits reflect the relationship he has with his surroundings and how he navigates through the city.

Angelus challenges social assumptions of age and culture. He was also a firm believer in veganism and books as a way to save humanity.

Angelo at night time outside of St Patric church, in Soho, where every Thursday they give food to people who queue for that. He pauses for a second before he walked away because there weren’t people there yet.

Walking at night time outside Claire de Rouen Bookshop, specializing in photography and fashion. His tender and at the same time defiant look, the way he is embraced by everything around him while he walks with his bags in Charing Cross road, containing a universe inside other universes.

As he crosses the road he gave me directions near Tottenham Court Road.

In a bookshop while looking at people passing by…

Angelus in a bookshop near Soho, reading the book of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘Hundred Years of Solitude’. His bags, an extension of him in his leopard seat.

Searching. Travelling books and veganism where very important to Angelus.

Found him smiling as he talked to someone in the Hare Krishna centre.

During the bus journey that took us from Tottenham Court Road to Camden. There is a deep contrast between the inside and outside, still and motion, look and being looked. Time and its transformations.

Walking energetically at night time in the streets of London. Is getting cold and he speeded up the rhythm of his steps while holding tight to his belongings.

A series of intense emotional expressions, moments of thoughts, timid smiles, tiredness and looks for something beyond the realm of time.

Times of waiting and reflection before entering the prayer’s room in the Hare Krishna centre, Soho.

Searching in his belongings and bags, that to me look like universes that contain another universe, bags inside bags, paper inside papers among other things and relevant objects that he cares for. He reads the Ecologist magazine at Organic planet shop, he seemed very alert of what is happening around him.

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