14 Dresses for 14 Days

14 dresses, 14 days, 14 different locations in Arbroath

This is a project made during my residency in Hospitalfield Art Centre in Arbroath, Scotland in the summer of 2016.

The project I developed consisted in the making of 14 equal dressers with a different colour each, 14 days and 14 different locations, setting up the camera for self-taken photography and video documentation of the performances happening in each location.

Each day I wore one different colour dress, for the 14 days the residency lasted, each day I went to a new location and explored the possibilities inherent within the spirit of the place, and my own reactions to it, with these elements, I did a site responsive performance for the camera for each particular location, creating unexpected performances in unusual spaces.

The different sites I explored were situated around the historical house of Hospital-field and other locations in Arbroath, including the ancient Arbroath Abbey and Arbroath Mortuary Chapel.

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